About - DianaMatney
Artist Statement

Creation of art allows my soul to dance to unheard music and expresses gratitude for the beauty which surrounds me.

I paint predominately landscapes and often feel a spiritual connection to place. As a young girl I used to "talk" to the wind. The landscape still "talks" to me. Nature is living and breathing and has a spirit, which, if I am quiet and listen with my heart, I can hear.

The feeling of "place" and the interplay of light, color, patterns and shapes are what inspire me to paint a particular scene.

Both oil paints and pastels are ideal mediums to express my feelings about place. Initial layers of either an oil painting or pastel painting are often blended smoothly in a "legato" style. The composition continues with passages of pianissimo--the oil paint or pastel softly glazing the surface, lively and energetic allegro scribbles, staccato marks of thickly applied accents...

I strive to make each painting be a visual composition of the music my heart hears and my spirit feels.